5 Pints Productions
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Five Pints makes video for use with YouTube, Vimeo, GoogleVideo and MetaCafe

Streaming video production and online Flash videos.

FivePints can make your Flex scripted videos too!

Make them laugh. Cry. Buy your product.

How do you get them to laugh,…cry,…buy your product?

1. Create video.
2. Put it on the web!
3. Answer phone.

With the advent of YouTube, GoogleVideo, MetaCafe and flash video (.flv), the web isn’t about words anymore! Let us show you how 5 Pints can optimize your footage for your own site or theirs with small file sizes and fast download times.

At 5 Pints, we optimize your video after determining the best quality and format so it will look it’s best after being uploaded to each site!

We can format any video to stream and play from your web site. There are a number of streaming formats, these include:

  • Flash video (.flv or .swf)
  • Windows video (.wmv, .mpg or .avi)
  • Quicktime video (.mov)
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