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QR Codes Examples For Your Business:

Quick Response (“QR”) Codes are 2-dimensional bar codes containing information which can be read by scaning with a smartphone. In 2011, 20.1 million phone owners in the US used their devices to scan a QR code within a 3 month span and that rate is growing exponentially! Let 5 Pints create a custom QR Code for your business!

Information that can be stored within a QR Code:

  • A “Special Offers” page on your web site
  • Contact information saved to a user’s phone
  • Google Maps
  • Photos
  • Videos via YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
Some effective placement ideas for your QR Code:

  • Business Cards- link to your resume, contact information, social media pages
  • Marketing Materials- fliers/brochures, magazine ads
  • Vehicle Wraps/Decals
  • Storefront Window


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