5 Pints Productions
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High-Def Film and Video Production in Phoenix, Scottsdale Arizona

Offering storyboarding, scripting, directing, producing, filming, editing, lighting,
talent/location scouting, CD and DVD distribution.

We will also add streaming video for your site, or specially adapted footage specifically optimized for YouTube or other video portals.

  • We can set up the green screen, hire the actors and direct the team.
  • Have you seen “Will It Blend” on YouTube? Those are video types we can produce for you to get your business selling your products.
  • From storyboarding your idea to directing and producing it, Five Pints video production will guide you and help your business succeed.
  • DVD and CD duplication to get your virtual business card or band CD out to the public.

We have a needs assessment form here where you can let us know more. Since all jobs are different and have special requirements, please call us and we’ll walk you through the process quickly and easily, as well as give you a rough estimate and timeline.

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