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“FREE ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES… thousands of potential customers and third-party credibility you can’t get from an ad.”

What is the ROI on free publicity? Writing and sending out a one-page release is hundreds of times cheaper than buying an ad. AND it gets better results!
Getting others to talk about you on air, in print or online, ON THEIR DIME, is the goal of publicity and the point of using press releases in marketing.
Reminding customers of your presence and letting them know about new products or upcoming sales events is another use. A third is increased SEO presence online.

The Columbia Journalism Review surveyed an issue of The Wall Street Journal and found out that 111 stories on inside pages were taken from press releases either word-for-word or paraphrased. In only 30% of these stories did a reporter put in additional facts that were not in the original press release.

Writing press releases that get noticed IS different than writing sales copy. It’s all about ‘news,’ not sales pitches. But what is ‘news?’
A store opening. A new product. An upcoming event. An award received. A promotion. Professional advice on just about any topic. A change of logo or website redesign. Acts of charity… Just about anything depending on how you present it!

Still want to put your best foot forward even if you can’t sell your company or product outright? Knowing how to write a good press release is a craft. And our releases will help you get published. And make sales. For next to nothing.

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