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Map It USA is available by Five Pints Productions

Let your online visitors find your mutliple location using MapIt USA

Try finding the closest Ford or Honda dealership. Ready…Set…Go! (click, click, click … scroll, click, click …)

Finally, you can have a map – a scalable map showing multiple locations, distance and directions. A map with photos, name, weblink, address and even tabbed folders with office hours, background info, discounts and auto-run video clips! You can auto-update your information or change it every week.

Visitors can find detailed information without leaving the map page! 5 Pints has created the finest software of it’s kind in Map-It USA, based on the popular Google Maps architecture but with so much more! List your association members, businesses, field offices or dealerships. Users can find which is closest, see images, select a tab to get hours of operation or see latest deals, even run your latest commercial in a window! All in one window and easy to update.

Test out the Map It USA software for free by clicking this link

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