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“FFFLAASH – Savior of the Universe…Save everyone of us… E ‘very man ev’ry woman ev’ry child.”
– British Rock Band, Queen, circa 1980

Okay, maybe not, but with flash, you can make your company’s brochure come ALIVE! Add interactivity and a video and run it off any computer anywhere. Upload it to your website and include demo or training videos. Throw it on a flash drive for your sales people to present. Burn CDs to hand out at trade shows and events. Flash has become the de facto standard installed on 98% of all computers.

We can create a hybrid CD which will ensure your videos documents and presentation is visible to both macs and PCs worldwide.Flash Page Turning

We can change a standard document into a real page-turner.

Flash rates

Flash editing: from $75 p/h
Flash design: from $85 p/h

We can create a hybrid DVD/CD which will ensure your videos, documents and presentation are visible in both MACs and PCs worldwide.

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