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Your own DVD featuring top-flight menus and custom label and case holding up to a whopping 8.7 GB (dual-sided or layered DVD) for multi-hour seminars or training videos or documentation.

5 Pints’ productions not only can create or duplicate your DVDs but can create rich interfaces and navigation to meet your needs. Autoplay, direct ordering off the internet, email links by department or name, searchable fields and huge databases… Call us and let us help you create the ideal solution!


Imagine knowing what pages each viewer has visited, the length of time spent on each page, whether the viewer linked through to your web site or e-mail. Well now this is possible and the information is provided instantly on our server with our proprietary CD tracking tool that allows you to track your clients page views anytime!

This empowers you to make any appropriate changes to your interactive media the next time you’re ready to order more duplications at:
Minimal cost >> CD tracking facts >> All viewing habits tracked >> Information is instant >> Calculate your ROI >> Update media based on stats >> Confidential access to stats >> Log in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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