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CD MULTIMEDIA CD Multimedia (mini, shaped or regular sizes):

GET NOTICED AGAIN AND AGAIN – UNIQUE? DEMAND ATTENTION? LEAVE A LASTING IMPRESSION? No one can throw CDs away! Conversation-starting sizes include business-card size, round mini CDs, even irregular shaped CDs that run in any tray-loading CD player or computer.

  • Put a full scale presentation in the palm of your client’s hand
  • A guided virtual multimedia tour of your facility
  • Your own flash or dynamic html interface and menus
  • Preview your newest product line or portfolio
  • Holds your complete product line or catalog
  • Leave your clients with a memorable impression
  • Links to vital email addresses or documents
  • Take your company’s complete website with you or link to your site

Plus, it still has all your contact information on the label just like a regular business card! And is cheaper to print and mail than a physical catalog! Easier to update and can contain up to 15 minutes of video (on 50mb biz card CD formats)!

See some DVD and CD samples here!

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